Aimline - ALX 4.0 DANTE

The Aimline ALX4 DANTE is a digital steerable active column-speaker with DANTE®-Input.

The internal digital signal processor also enables a compressor, a gate, a 10-band-parametric equalizer and a delay to be placed into the audio-input path. With simple Windows-software every parameter can be set in real time. All speakers are recognized within a network by their IP-address. ALX-cabinets can be fully monitored for surveillance-issues. Thanks to its very small and unobtrusive enclosure the AIM­LINE-Speaker is a fit for most architecturally sensitive environment including mu­seums, churches, conference-rooms and many more challenging spaces and environments. With its two-channel DANTE®-input integration into existing IP-networks as well as a direct integration to other DANTE®-enabled products is simple.