Alcorn McBride - V-Com VC12X

Alcorn McBride believe that intercom solutions should be a breeze to install and intuitive to operate.  Just like their popular V-Page product line, they have designed their V-Com solutions to leverage industry-standard DSP platforms like Q-SYS while providing a simple button-based UI that just makes sense.

The V-Com VC12X station includes 12  illuminated buttons that are user-configurable for ring zone or breakaway functions. It includes a handset, a ringer, and level control.  This is an off-the-shelf solution that is designed to mount in a standard 8″ x 10″ intercom box like the Hoffman C-P1612.

A single Ethernet cable provides network audio (Dante or AES67), power (PoE), and control between each V-Com station and the DSP device.  It even supports SFP network modules for applications that require the station to be far away from the equipment room.