Dante-enabled Products

Audio Routing Matrix Switches
Kingray – MAP0808A_D8

MAP0808A (D8) is a newly launched audio matrix with upgraded functions, equipped with 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, built-in automatic mixing, matrix mixing, equalizer, splitter, compressor, AEC echo cancellation, ANC noise cancellation , AFC feedback suppression and other DSP functions.

Kingray – MAP0808M_D4

MAP0808M_D4 is equipped with 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, optional 4 channels Dante network audio input and output. 

★8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, support selecting microphone input and line input

★Optional 4-channel Dante network audio input and output                   

★9-level sensitivity adjustment for […]

Kingray – MAP0808M-D4

MAP0808M-D4 is equipped with 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, of which 4 input and output channels can be switched to Dante network audio input and output. DSP chip based on ADI 300MIPS processing rate to meet daily processing functions. Equipped with exclusive upper computer software , which can switch various inputs and change inputs, phantom power, etc. through the software. At the same time, software can adjust […]

Kingray – MAP08A_D4

MAP08A is a 16- in- 16- out auto-mixing media matrix, equipped with 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, built-in feedback suppression, automatic mixing, matrix mixing, equalizer, distributor, compressor and other DSP functions. This device supports Dante network audio function expansion. It can be connected to computer software control via USB driver-free , RS232, RS485, TCP / IP connection and remote control. It is suitable for sound reinforcement projects in various occasions.

Kingray – MAP08A_D8

MAP08A_D8 is an 8-in-8-out auto-mixing media matrix, equipped with 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, built-in feedback suppression, automatic mixing, AEC ,ANC, matrix mixing, equalizer, distributor, compressor and other DSP functions. This device supports 8 channel Dante network audio function expansion. It can be connected to computer software control via USB driver-free , RS232, […]

Kramer – AFM-20DSP

Kramer’s AFM-20DSP is a 20-port audio matrix with DSP and interchangeable inputs & outputs. AFM‑20DSP provides configuration flexibility and eliminates I/O limitations with its 20 interchangeable analog audio ports, letting AV professionals get more functionality for less real estate.

Lightware – UCX-4×2-HC30D

Universal Switcher with USB-C connectivity and Dante Audio
Lightware’s universal switcher that exploits the USB-C connectivity for a simplified transmission of 4K video, audio, control signals and power, providing meeting participants with easy host switching as well as comprehensive and secure Ethernet features accompanied by Dante/AES67 audio capabilities.

Logitek – JetStream Plus

The JetStream Plus brings space savings and configuration flexibility to audio networking and routing, with 240 channels of I/O in only four rack units. Fifteen card slots allow customization of the number of analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs, microphone preamps, Dante® I/O, and insert points for connection of Dugan automixers. […]

Lucky Tone – Dante 448V

Dante 4×4 input/output inerface can add 4 channels(input and output) for the existing network audio system with at low cost. Because of the small size, it can be installed
anywhere-near to audio source or receiver, therefore no need the expensive analog connection which is easy to cause interference.

Luminex – GigaCore Series

Set-up a pro AV network without any IT knowledge.

Mandozzi Elettronica – IDEA Central Audio Matrices

The audio matrices IDEA developed and manufactured by Mandozzi Elettronica SA are ideal for all customers who are looking for systems that perform more than just simple X/Y connections, but intelligent switching functions and audio signal processing. They are designed to be used as main central matrix of a radio house, or to serve a […]

Purelink – Media Axis

Media Axis is the world’s first large-scale matrix switching and extension system supporting Ultra HD/4K60 4:4:4 via Native and IP architectures. With its dynamic, proprietary design features and technologies, Media Axis provides a truly adaptive solution that works where and how you need it.

No other matrix system provides a more comprehensive set of features […]

Restmoment – RX-V4.1

The RX-V4.1 series of Restmoment’s 4th generation digital conference system adopts Restmoment’s new generation of digital conference technology, which conforms to the international digital conference standard. The system supports network control, DANTE audio input and output, remote conferencing, audio eight input and eight output (with partition output), independent tone, etc.

Seikaku – Matrix-A6

The MATRIX-A6 is at the heart of a music distribution, paging, discussion and zone management system for commercial and fixed installations. It has 6 inputs and 6 outputs in a single device powered by a state-of-the-art DSP.

Shuangln – SLAGC-1200D/IP

The SLAGC-1200D/IP Digital Audio Processor can promptly set IN audio signals within a preset range via DSP digital chipset. It is an effective solution to the unsteadiness of sound volume during broadcasting, or the unbalanced transmission of analog audio signals between different programs.

Shuangln – SLAR-1000

The SLAR-1000 is an audio router with AOIP interfaces. It is designed as a router and audio converter, which converts different signal inputs/outputs. It is widely used in signal distribution and monitoring.