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Dante-enabled Products

Dante Interface Cards
Panasonic – WR-PC001

Dante card for Panasonic’s WR-DX100, WR-DX400, WP-DN360, and WP-DN700.

Peavey MediaMatrix – MDM32

The MDM32 is a Dante Brooklyn II based 32×32 Interface card for all NION frames and the CAB4n audio bridge. The MDM32 replaces the discontinued DLM Interface and brings added Dante features such as Device Lock, support for DDM and AES67 compatibility.

Powersoft – DSP LOTO

DSP LOTO is a 1-2 in/4 out processing board specifically designed to provide advanced DSP functions to any powered product.

PreSonus – SL-Dante-MIX

The SL-Dante-MIX option card enables any StudioLive AI-series or StudioLive RM-series mixer to join a standard Dante™ network. 

Prism Sound – MDIO-Dante

The DANTE module allows multiple Titan or Atlas units to be connected directly to a DANTE equipped network.


The CDN64 Dante™ Audio Bridge Card provides third-party Dante enabled digital audio products the ability to integrate into the Q-SYS Ecosystem.  It provides a bridge for up to 64 x 64 channels of Dante audio into the Q-SYS Ecosystem for advanced processing redistribution over larger LAN and WAN IT infrastructures.

Rane – DANTEx

The DANTEx is an optional plug-in card for the Rane Terminal 1010x that allows system designers to integrate a Terminal 1010x processor with Dante-equipped microphones, amplifiers, breakout boxes, mixing consoles and other supported devices. It provides 32 inputs and 32 outputs of Dante digital audio with supported samples rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz […]

Roland – XI-DANTE Expansion Interface

The Roland XI-DANTE expansion interface card enables the Roland ORCHA series of products such as the M-5000 live mixing console, full-duplex two-way communication on a maximum of 64 channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz). The card contains primary and secondary ports to allow for redundancy or daisy-chained Dante-enabled devices, and a control port.

RTS – OKI Keypanel Interface Card

The OKI keypanel interface cards fit into select RTS user stations and provide native OMNEO IP connectivity for RJ45 Ethernet connections into the OMNEO network with optional single or multimode fiber modules.

RTS – OMI ADAM Matrix Card

This card fits into the standard slots of the RTS ADAM or ADAM-M frames and provides a gateway to the world of OMNEO IP-compatible networking. The card consists of the traditional ADAM front and back card components.

Seikaku – Ultimo 2/4

ULTIMO-2/4 is an optional module used to extend the communication capabilities of audio devices by enabling bi-directional audio transport such as 2/4 channel inputs and 2/4 channel outputs.

Sennheiser – EM 9046 DAN option card

The Sennheiser Dante™ card for the EM 9046 receiver enables its top-of-the-range Digital 9000 microphone system to be integrated into Dante audio-over-IP networks.
The EM 9046 DAN extension card inserts into the EM 9046 eight-channel receiver expansion slot. Sixteen audio inputs can send both digital audio and command signals over the Dante network using the card. Two Gbit […]

Sierra Automated Systems – KDL-16

The KDL-16 is a plug in module for the SAS 32KD Digital Audio Network. The module utilizes Dante to provide 32 channels of bi-directional Audio over IP.

Sony – NXLK-IP45F

The NXLK-IP45F is ideal for handling audio and video signals in IP-based live production environment.

Soundcraft – SI Series Option Card

By adding option cards to the Soundcraft Si range of digital consoles, you can interface your desk with a multitude of digital systems.
The Si range of consoles features a versatile 128 channel expansion bus offering 64 discrete additional input sources and 64 additional output patches that may be used in parallel to fan-out to multiple […]