Dante-enabled Products

Dante Interface Cards
Williams Sound – HHS DM32

This product has reached “end-of-life”.
Optional conversion of Analog Server (HHS 108/116/124/132) to Dante™ 32 mono / 16 stereo inputs. Server unit must be returned to Williams Sound for conversion. 

Wohler – OPT-DANTE (12G)

Installing a Wohler unit with the Dante hardware option into an existing and functioning Dante network is virtually plug and play. The rear panel AoIP jack supports 1Gb/s and 100Mb/s Ethernet devices in Dante Audio over IP network configurations. Channel source selections are made by choosing Input Type ‘AoIP’ in the Configuration-Configure Presets page regardless of which AoIP option is installed. The iAM-series unit is set up at the Wohler factory to be used as a slave rather than a master within the Dante network. Other devices or software, such as a Dante Controller, are expected to be responsible for most device configurations and all audio routing.

Wohler – OPT-DANTE (iAM)

Enable monitoring from up to a 64ch Dante™ Input in iAM Series products.

Wohler – OPT-DANTE (iVAM)

This optional hardware card card enables monitoring from a 64 channel Dante™ Input.

Wohler – OPT-MADI/ANLG/TOS (12G)

Enables monitoring of 8 Analog channels on DB-25, an Optical TOSLINK Input, monitoring of 1 x MADI64 input via BNC, and an SFP Cage that accepts MADI Optical inputs.

Wohler – OPT-RAVENNA 64 (iVAM)

Enable monitoring from up to a 64ch Ravenna / AES67 Input. Hardware card with activation key.

Yamaha – Dante-MY16-AUD

Dante-MY16-AUD card is a fully compatible Yamaha Mini-YGDAI standard card that instantly Dante-enables your Yamaha mixer, processor or power amp. Each Dante-MY16-AUD provides 16 bidirectional audio channels (8 at 96 kHz) and full Dante network audio redundancy over Gigabit Ethernet. 

Yamaha – Dante-MY16-AUD2

The Dante-MY16-AUD2 is a fully compatible Yamaha Mini-YGDAI card that instantly Dante-enables your Yamaha mixer, processor, interface or power amp.

Yamaha – HY144-D

The HY144-D is a digital I/O card for HY card slots, and is compatible with the Dante digital audio network over Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Yamaha – HY144-D-SRC

The HY144-D-SRC audio interface card supports the Dante audio network protocol, handling up to 144 input and 144 output channels of 96 kHz/32-bit digital audio.

Yamaha – NY64-D

The NY64-D is an I/O expansion card for TF series consoles that allows transmission and reception of up to 128 channels (64 in/64 out) of uncompressed 48 kHz 24 bit digital audio data via a Dante™ audio network.