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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)
Xilica – Solaro FR1

Solaro FR1 is a 1U 16-card-slot DSP with modular I/O functionality that can evolve to meet your future requirements, while benefiting from the processing power to drive multiple rooms over an installed CatX network. Xilica’s open-architecture digital signal processor can be populated with any combination of Solaro Series I/O card, offering capabilities including analog audio, […]

Xilica – Solaro QR1

Deliver exceptional audio quality to every space with the ultra-small-footprint Solaro QR1, a PoE-powered digital signal processor with eight user-configured I/O card slots. This open-architecture product can be populated with all combinations of Solaro Series I/O card, offering capabilities including analog audio, USB (with volume/mute status sync), GPIO, relay control and AES/EBU digital audio. Additionally, […]

Yamaha – DME64N / DME24N

These networkable DSP units offer more I/O options than any other processor, and an extensive range of signal processing capabilities, programmable via a comprehensive graphical interface.

Yamaha – DSP-R10

The DSP-R10 is a powerful DSP engine that serves as the core for signal processing and system control required for the RIVAGE PM10 system.

Yamaha – DSP5D

The DSP5D provides essentially all the functionality of a PM5D-RH minus the control surface in a rack-mountable unit that can be seamlessly controlled from a PM5D (RH) console. Double or triple the input capacity of a PM5D for handling large-scale applications.

Yamaha – MRX7-D

Sound system requirements for corporate conference rooms, educational facilities, shopping malls, and a variety of other environments are becoming increasingly large and complex. The MRX7-D offers outstanding control efficiency and flexibility for a broad spectrum of audio installations.

Yamaha – MTX5-D

MTX Series matrix processors are equipped with flexible processing functions that are essential to a wide variety of applications. The MTX5-D features 8ch mic/line input and 8ch analog output, 16ch YDIF digital I/O, 16ch Dante digital I/O, 1 MY Card slot and an SD Card Slot for playback.

Yamaha – RMCR

Yamaha Unified Communications RM-CR is the audio signal processor at the heart of the RM series.