AMK - DS64-B

The AMK DS64-B loudspeaker assembly is powered by a POE+ network amplifier with Dante™ input. No external power supply is required. The speaker includes a Class D amplifier which provides efficient use of power. The assembly comes with AMK's CX 601, highly efficient coaxial loudspeaker. This system will solve the issue of having to provide a separate amplifier or I/O interface for speaker installations.

This 4 speaker unit assembly has 2 channels of audio, one channel per 2 speakers. Each of the speaker pairs may be installed in different zones such as zone paging. 

The CX602 loudspeaker driver has excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth and a smooth frequency response with makes this the top choice for today’s overhead commercial applications. 

This assembly can be used in wide range of projects for paging and background music applications. The DS64-B is ideal for hotels, education, hospitals, retail stores, performing art centers, restaurants, airports, houses of worship, and board rooms.