Ampetronic - D7-2 Dante

The D7-2 Digital Hearing Loop Amplifier represents the global benchmark for digital audio induction loop systems. Featuring all the benefits of the Standard D14-2 driver with added Dante Input for additional Network Audio.

The D Series range consists of 4 class 'D' drivers (3 dual loop output and 1 single output models); meaning a 60%+ increase in energy efficiency over existing solutions. Drivers feature capacitive touch front panels with intuitive menus, built in test signals, and are fully networkable with a Wi-Fi accessible standard browser based control panel for remote set-up, monitoring and email alerts.

The D7-2 Dante features 7 Amps per loop output respectively plus ample voltage headroom, making it the most flexible solution on the market, suitable for a huge range of applications.

In another first for high-power Class D Induction Loop drivers, installation can be performed with total confidence, as unique multi-stage filtering ensures compatibility with both other system equipment and global EMC regulations. The D Series also boasts Dual slope Metal Loss Control that caters for a wide range of metal loss frequency characteristics.


  • Dante Input for additional Network Audio
  • Single or dual output options. Dual outputs featuring accurate and stable 90° phase shift
  • Networkable with remote browser interface
  • Digital display & intuitive 'touch' menu system - 3 modes; Main, Status & Quick
  • Highly energy efficient Class-D amplifiers with low heat dissipation
  • Up to 2 x 650m2 Perimeter Loops area coverage
  • Up to 3,300m2 MultiLoop™ Low Loss area coverage
  • Compact 1U rack mount unit with internal transformer for simple rack installation
  • Optimised for speech frequencies with unmatched intelligibility & capable of high quality musical reproduction
  • AGC & Dual Slope MLC
  • Active status monitoring & remote fault reporting via email
  • Data compliant with: IEC 62489-1 Standard

Applications include

  • Lecture Theatres & Conference facilities
  • Stadia, Sports Halls, Cinemas & Theatres
  • Courts Rooms, Airports & Railway Stations