Arrakis Systems - DARC Surface

Meet DARC Surface, an intuitive, powerful Dante enabled Digital Console. It is a powerful mixing console that can control any source on your Dante AoIP network.

Designed to be easy to setup, and use. Yet flexible and powerful for your needs today, and tomorrow.

8, 12 or 16 Channel Models. DARC Surface comes in 3 different models depending on the number of channels that you need. This means that you can choose what size best fit your needs. Whether the 8 with its small profile yet powerful design, or the 16, with all the faders you could ever need.

DARC Virtual Console Software. The DARC Virtual Software comes included in the package deals. The DARC Surface works in harmony with the DARC Virtual Console software.

Simple IP. The DARC Surface, along with the DARC Virtual Console, will work with any Dante enabled device on your network. This includes our Simple IP units, which can have either Analog or Digital Inputs & Outputs. Learn more.