Arrakis Systems - DARC Virtual Console

Audio over IP does not need to be complicated or expensive. With the DARC Virtual Console, you can control any Dante network audio source. Mix, adjust levels, everything you need for an On-Air or production room console.

The DARC Virtual Console can be ran as a stand alone unit, or in conjunction with an AoIP network with multiple studios. It will control any Dante enabled audio device on your LAN, whether it is a source connected to our Simple IP units, or any Dante device such as the Dante AVIO.

As a standalone unit, you don't need a large AoIP network to utilize this brilliant board. Simply connect all your audio sources into one of our Simple IP boxes (or any Dante enabled device), then connect the Dante Virtual software onto the same network. Utilizing the Dante Controller software, you choose which sources to control, and away you go.

Since DARC controls any Dante audio source, you can configure DARC to control any audio source on your LAN. This allows you to make your setup as large and complex as your studios require. Which also allows you to expand your operations in the future.