Arrakis Systems - Simple IP 8A

Simple-IP is a one rack unit AoIP box with 8 mono inputs and 8 outputs (or 4 by 4 stereo pairs). Available in 2 models: analog & AES digital. The digital version of Simple IP uses XLR AES3 connectors, that allow you to connect your digital audio equipment. Uses standard off the shelf ethernet switches’ for connectivity. And uses the world standard DANTE ethernet AoIP protocol. Connect to products from more than 300 manufacturers. From mics to speakers to mixers.

Using the world standard DANTE ethernet audio protocol, Arrakis has built the first cost effective ethernet audio networking solution for the average radio broadcaster and professional AV installer. It replaces the multipair cables that distribute audio around your facility with a single CAT5e ethernet cable. With its AES-67 interface, Simple-IP can even send and receive streams from other non-DANTE AoIP networks. Put one in each room and one or more in your central equipment room, then run CAT5e ethernet cable and your audio routing is done.

Product demo: