Ashly - nXe1.54bd, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate


Ashly – nXe1.54bd

Ashly Audio

The nXe1.54bd is a 2 channel multi-mode amplifier capable of driving 2 Ohm loads at full power. The maximum rated output power is 1,500W per channel at Low Z and 70V modes, and 1,250W in 100V mode. There is an automatic but defeatable sleep mode consuming <1W, and instant standby mode controlled by contact closure or software.

A switch mode power supply auto-detects 120VAC or 240VAC mains, and a Neutrik® powerCON is used for the AC cord. Each channel has selectable output mode of Low Z, 70V, or 100V, an 80Hz high-pass filter, input limiter, and input gain settings of 26dB, 32dB, 38dB, or 1.4V. Each channel has remote DC level control. Input connectors is Neutrik® XLR/TRS combo jack and Euroblock, while output connectors is Neutrik® speakON.

The unit has a front panel power switch and level controls that can be disabled. LEDs indicate Protect, Sleep, Disabled, Com, and Bridge mode status, as well as Temperature, Output Current, Output Signal, and Clipping/Mute status per channel. The unit has Ethernet control with a real-time clock for event scheduling. The unit has serial data remote control, aux preamp outputs, preset control, fault condition logic outputs, optional network audio and AES3 digital audio capability. The amplifier has temperature dependent variable speed forced-air cooling.

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