Products from Atlona, Powered by Dante

Atlona – AT-GAIN-120NET

The Atlona Gain™ 120 Net (AT-GAIN-120NET) is a compact power amplifier designed for low or high impedance applications. 

Atlona – AT-GAIN-NET

The Atlona AT-GAIN-NET is a networked audio interface card for the Gain 120 (AT-GAIN-120) power amplifier

Atlona – OmniStream AT-OMNI-232

The Atlona OmniStream™ AT-OMNI-232 is a Dante networked audio interface that transmits and receives two channels of audio over a network. AT-OMNI-232 devices are ideal for integrating microphones and other audio sources with a Dante-equipped DSP and OmniStream AV decoders.