I/O Interfaces

Attero Tech by QSC – unD6IO

Attero Tech by QSC

A 4-in, 2-Out I/O Interface that is a convenient, cost-effective way to add up to 6 channels of Dante audio to an existing Dante-based networked audio system.

INPUTS – 2 XLR input with switchable mic/line gain and switchable phantom power on the inputs. Choice of unbalanced input (RCA or 3.5mm stereo jack) selectable by software.

OUTPUTS – 1 3.5mm output, and two balanced outputs on a side‐mounted depluggable connector with software controlled volume.

CONTROL – Audio flow assignment, input gain, phantom power and unbalanced input selection are all controllable via the Dante network connection.

More Details:https://www.qsc.com/systems/products/q-sys-ecosystem/products-peripherals-accessories/attero-tech/at-wall-mount-network-audio-interfaces/und6io/