Aurora Multimedia - DTX-AMP1

The DTX-AMP1 is the world’s first PoE++ 2x35 watt Dante ® amplifier to integrate IP control and audio DSP functionality. The audio DSP allows parametric equalization, noise reduction, mixing, volume control, audio ducking, and more. The IP control allows for any 3 rd party control system to use the DTX-AMP1 RS- 232, IR, Digital I/O, and relays as a IP port expander. 

Aurora’s DTX-AMP1 also has a variety of audio inputs and outputs with two balanced L/R line inputs, one of which can be selected as 2 independent L/R unbalanced inputs, L/R balanced line output, S/PDIF, and L/R amplifier output. The amplifier will operate at full power with external power supply of 70W total. Depending on PoE class type connected, the DTX-AMP1 can supply up to 60W of total power