Auvitran - AV-WALL-DT4i

The AV-WALL-DT4i Dante Mic/Line Interface is a cost-effective wall box in an incredible small size of less than 45x45mm.

The AV-WALL-DT4i offers 64dB of true preamp gain on 2 professional XLR Mic inputs and 40dB of gain at line level on a stereo mini Jack connector. Gain can be controlled remotely via network or locally via direct rotary push button. Internal connector allows for link with optional Bluetooth extension Wall-Plate.

The AV-WALL-DT4i is designed to fit into a single-gang junction box of only 45x45mm fitting small European format. AV-WALL-DT4i is PoE enabled and thus power, control and audio data connectivity is provided by a single CAT‐5e/6 cable.

The size of the main box is 44.6 x 44.6 x 50 mm. It is compatible with “Mosaic” plate of Legrand®. The depth can be adjusted between 26 to 43 mm to fit near any wall depths. Wall plate size may vary depending of the region.