BARE - D-64net

Dual DSP audio processing, dante 64-channel digital network signal input: trigger signal, channel expansion, signal compressor, 5-8 bands of parametric EQ, automatic digital mixing consoles; Dante digital network channel signal output 64: Speaker Manager ( 5-band parametric equalizer, delay, crossover, high and low pass filter, limiter). With matrix mixing function for each channel. Built-in automatic mixer function comes DANTE network audio transmission function; and automatic software upgrade (after the upgrade support) Enterne use data transmission and control port; built-in automatic camera tracking; RS-232 bi-directional serial control interface for controlling other external equipment such as: video matrix and other RS-232 devices, or receive a third-party RS-232 control; RS-485 camera control ports; GPIO programmable control interface (8 groups, can be custom programmed control); support plate interface operation control. 1-8 support group scene preset functions; an intuitive, graphical interface software control, can work XP / Windows7,8,10 systems environment.