AV Encoders & Decoders

Bolin – D10H (HDMI) Decoder

Bolin Technology

The Bolin D10H(HDMI) decoder is part of Bolin DanteAV camera system. Over standard Gigabit network, a single-channel networked AV decoder outputs baseband video HDMI 2.0 and/or 12G-SDI, which not only works with Bolin DanteAV PTZ camera but also works with standard DanteAV video device within Dante eco system.

It transports up to UHD/4K60 4:4:4 video output with ultra low latency and lossless quality. It supports HDCP, plus IP PTZ camera control and embedded audio and RS-RS422/IR control pass-through.

As part of Dante Audio over IP eco family, using standard Gigabit Ethernet network switches and CAT5e UTP wiring, D Series decoder delivers a high-performance virtual video matrix routing solution for presentation of multimedia, and live camera images, Dante 4k video content application such as demanding conference room and classroom applications.

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