Bosch - DICENTIS Interpreter desk

Speaking the language of the interpreter is what the DICENTIS Interpreter desk is designed to do. By observing and interviewing expert interpreters and technicians worldwide, the desk has been optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters. 

The DICENTIS Interpreter desk is part of the DICENTIS Conference System, which supports up to 100 interpreted languages. The conference system uses internationally recognized encryption standards for all audio and data. It offers the best protection against eavesdropping, unauthorized access and data tampering. High-quality, real-time audio and control is ensured by OMNEO* IP technology, which also allows for easy system integration with third-party solutions. OMNEO also enables the use of existing network infrastructure.

The DICENTIS Interpreter desk is fully compatible with the DICENTIS platform and complies with the simultaneous interpreting equipment standard ISO 20109. It enables the creation of passive overflow rooms adjacent to the main meeting room in case there are more participants than can be accommodated at the main meeting location.

Using the DICENTIS Meeting application, all languages and interpreter desks can be remotely configured and managed.