BG-ADAMO-JRDA: The Next Generation of Full HD PTZ Cameras

The BG-ADAMO-JRDA is a brand-new Full HD Dante AV-H certified PTZ camera with 3 types of lenses available: 12X optical zoom with 70.3 FOV, 20X optical zoom with 60.04 FOV, and 30X optical zoom with 58.1 FOV. It features smooth PTZ functions, advanced image processing features and flexible connection options.

Advanced Visual Performance: With the high quality 1/2.8-inch SONY CMOS image sensor, the resolution of this camera can get up to 1080@60fps. Additionally, the low noise 1/2.8-inch SONY CMOS guarantees high SNR and the advanced 3D noise reduction technology further reduces the noise while ensuring pristine image clarity. The advanced ISP processing technology and algorithms also allow the camera to deliver true-to-life image quality for the most natural and accurate viewing experiences.

Optical Zoom: The BG-ADAMO-JRDA offers three different optical zoom lenses that users can choose from: 12X optical zoom with 70.3 viewing angle, 20X optical zoom with 60.04 viewing angle and 30X optical zoom with 58.1 viewing angle.

Flexible Connections: The BG-ADAMO-JRDA supports HDMI, SDI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and LAN connections. It also supports IP streaming, offering flexible workflow options for users.

Smooth Video and Audio Processing: The BG-ADAMO-JRDA offers a smooth and impressively clear viewing experience. It uses advanced video and audio compression techniques to ensure the best quality content. Additionally, advanced auto focus technology allows the camera to autofocus stably, swiftly, and precisely.

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