C-MARK - ADD1010

Based on Dante,  ADD1010 is a kind of system platform integrating audio transmission, DSP process and long distance network management. Only with one regular six-type network line, ADD1010 transmission processor can transmit 1024 channels 24bit/48kHz audio signal of non-compression, short delay(<0.08ms), high quality (CD class).  ADD1010 transmission processor offers functions of two-way audio transmission, control and monitor, materializing transmitting audio signal from any point to any other point of network, which becomes revolutionary leap of audio transmisssion technology; meanwhile, it manages device on network through SNMP (simple network management protocol) of industrial standard.


  • Simple Connection: Audio signal can be transmitted and processed simply by connecting 2 pcs ADD1010 Network Audio Transmission Processors to audio network via CAT5/6 cable;
  • Convenient Operation: ADD1010 network audio transmission processor can be controlled via simple graphic operation software; and ten process modes can be preseted and stored into memory chip; 
  • Powerful Audio Process Function: RS2000 software offers variety of virtual digital audio processing equip ments that can entirely replace large amounts of professional audio processing equipments.
  • 4 pcs 1000M LAN IP interface with Dante function, able to connect to the standard Dante equipment and systems.
  • Dante encoding and decoding functions support 8 x 8, 16 x 16, 64 x 64 channels based on different models, 48K and 96K sampling rate, Transmission Quantization Depth is 24 bits.
  • 8 local MIC/LINE input, pre amplifier gain 60dB adjustable, independently controllable +48V Phantom power; 8 channels local LINE output, Balanced interface;  with 4 CH AES/EBU digital input output interface.
  • Built-in 40bit SHARC floating-point DSP processor, with mixing, equalization, dynamic and delay effect.
  • 4 channels photoelectric isolated digital input and 4 channels electronic relay output.
  • Through PC software, you can remotely monitor equipment operation state, including the temperature, on-off state and so on. It has warning and protection function of abnormal condition. It can remotely control on-off state and adjust the DSP parameters. Preset parameters can be automatically loaded after startup.
  • OLED displays the level meter and working condition of the device, a plurality of user-defined encoders and keys are provided.
  • Built in Gigabit switch, 4 pcs Dante network interface can be work in the main preparation mode to improve the system security, and also be directly connected to other Dante or non-Dante equipment, easy cabling and saving equipments.
  • Suitable for performance sound reinforcement and intelligent buildings etc.