Cadac - S218, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate


Cadac – S218


The S218 is a self-powered high-end subwoofer, which features 2 x 18″ ported woofers. The power output of 4000 W (RMS) ensures for © very high SPL down to a frequency of 35 Hz. It can be combined with all products of the CADAC range and be used as subwoofer extension in ground stack configuration for point sources or line arrays and can be also used as ground stack horizontal subwoofer array. The DSP-electronic has 2 power amplifiers and 2 DSP channels. Internally, one S218 has 2 amplifier and 2 DSP channels. The CADAC DSP-core module platform is integrated with the amplifier section into the loudspeaker. Cabinets are electrically connected by the CADAC C-Link audio and command interface. The CCP control and prediction software can connect to the array via LAN for command and control, Auto-EQ and to calculate sound prediction on listener areas. With the CMAP (mapping optimization mode), the dispersion can be adjusted and optimized according to the listener area for the application of subwoofer arrays. CMAP enables to create arbitrary radiation patterns for the listener area with ground stack horizontal arrays.

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