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DAD – AX32

The DAD AX32 allows no-compromise audio recording, mastering, post production, and future-proof archiving A new feature is the inclusion of IP audio capabilities handling up to 512 channels on a 10 gigabit per second Ethernet link.


MOM Monitor Operating Module
In a world that seem to be gradually moving towards working and mixing ‘in the box’, there are still situations where hands-on control is second to none.

Monitor control is one of those cases. Enter MOM – our Monitor Operating Module.

MOM is the perfect, tactile match for one or more Avid MTRX, Avid MTRX Studio, AX32, DX32R Penta 720, and Penta 721s units equipped with the PRO|MON|3 monitor control license. The MOM is a remote control, connected via Ethernet, and no audio is actually passing through the unit. The audio-routing magic happens within the AX32 or DX32R and is set up via the DADman software. But once you connect the MOM, the magic now resides right at your fingertips.

DAD – Dante / AES67 Expansion Card

AX32 already support 64 channels of Dante IP Audio via an optional module, but in an effort to meet demand for an even higher channel count, our an optional expansion card adds another 128 channels to your digital audio-routing matrix.

DAD – DX32

The DAD DX32 is a versatile digital audio bridge and router interface designed for multiple audio applications such as multi-room recording studios, post-production facilities and audio distribution installations. It allows all digital input and output routing to be managed on a mono channel basis within a single unit or a combination of units.