Dan Dugan - Model N, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate


Dan Dugan – Model N

Dan Dugan Sound Design

The Dugan Model N provides 32 channels of Dugan automixing at 96K or 64 channels at 48K with connection capabilities to a Dante network.

The Dugan Model N is an automatic microphone mixer designed to work in conjunction with standard audio mixing consoles. The Model N has Dante I/O, primary and secondary; it provides 32 channels of Dugan automixing at 96K or 64 channels at 48K and are PoE capable. The Dugan Speech System, Music System, and Gain Limiting are all supported. In addition the Model N includes a scene memory that can record and recall all operating settings, either globally or by unit, in a library of named scenes.

Benefits: Eliminates late upcuts, reduces PA feedback and studio noise, and reduces comb filtering from adjacent mics

More Details:https://www.dandugan.com/products/