David Clark , licensee of Audinate's Dante AV Networking Technology

Products from David Clark, Powered by Dante

David Clark – U9100

The ‘heart’ of the digital system, providing high performance Ethernet/IP versatility and expands the possibilities for critical communication needs

David Clark – U9101

The U9101 Switch Card is the main connection point between the U9100 Master Station and system endpoints (Headset Station and Wireless Gateway)

David Clark – U9110

The U9110 Headset Station provides software-enabled access to the Digital Intercom System and its connectivity to two-way radios, other ancillaries and existing networks

David Clark – U9120-W4 Wireless Gateway

The U9120-W4 Wireless Gateway is a relay for all audio interface between Wireless Belt Station users and the U9100 Master Station and connected ancillaries (two-way radio, IP networks, etc.)