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David Clark – U9110 Headset Station, Remote PTT

David Clark

Headset Station provides software-enabled access to the Digital Intercom System and its connectivity to two-way radios, other ancillaries and existing networks

· Hard-wired userinterface to the U9100 Master Station

· IP-68 sealed Ethernetjack provides out-of-the-box connectivity to the U9100 Master Station

· Offers excellent dustand water ingress protection (IP-67) for worry-free, reliable installations indemanding environments

· Rugged, marine-gradedesign provides salt-fog/corrosion resistance, wide ranging temperaturetolerance and superior shock/vibration absorption to ensure optimal,mission-ready performance

· IP-68 sealed Headsetjack, mated or unmated, maintains connection integrity to the user, withquick-release capabilities for on-the-move headset reassignment to wirelessbelt stations

· Simple control arrayfeatures software-enabled talkgroup selection switches with LED indicators anda centrally located PTT switch for fast, effortless access to system functionswhen seconds count

· Features SMARTVOX, an automatic VOX technology that adapts to background noise in realtime, while applying unique DSP algorithms to discern between noiseand speech, for instantaneous and effective mic control with no manualadjustments

· Flexible installationwith surface or flush mount options – while maintaining watertight integrity -provides numerous install location alternatives for facility or mobileplatforms