DELEC - oratis CS MF4

The product range includes oratis matrix frames of various sizes. Up to 15 oratis cards per 4-U matrix frame is achievable. Thus, oratis systems are the first choice whenever every inch counts – for example, in an OB truck.

Each matrix frame holds up twelve oratis IF LAN cards, each connecting one commentator terminal. The IF LAN cards can be combined with audio interface and intercom cards and can be supplemented with GPI interfaces used for controlling external devices.

oratis matrix frames can include a line-ident memory used for loop-playing up to 24 idents. This enables the various stations live studio lines to be identified uniquely. As soon as the commentator goes on-air, the line ident is automatically muted.

Case Studies

Train station announcements have long been the subject of somewhat unfair criticism, seemingly regardless of efforts to improve them. But for the world’s rail operators, the problem is genuine and serious, as are their efforts to solve it. Indeed, so serious are those efforts that they have now led to the creation of one of the world’s largest and most impressive examples of audio-over-IP. The rail networks in question are Sydney Trains and NSW Trains, and the company charged with solving one of rail travel’s most enduring issues is Stagetec Australia.