DiGiCo - 4REA4

With the release of 4REA4, DiGiCo is pushing the boundaries again with a new audio installation platform designed to deliver the highest quality performance across multi-space venues and stages.

At the heart of the system is the 4REA4 processing engine with DiGiCo connectivity options and powerful 4REA4 control software, providing routing, processing and mix control that allows your performance area to expand across your installation.

DiGiCo has been at the heart of live performance audio for over 15 years, creating digital consoles used by engineers the world over, who want the best in sound quality, usability and reliability. From the biggest live tours to the largest houses of worship and theatres, DiGiCo has been shaping the future of digital live sound that has transformed how live engineers mix.

The processing engine rack has four dedicated mix areas, or zones, each with its own stereo master output, CGs, and allocated FX. Plus, with 128 input channel and 48 buss output processing strips available you can independently allocate processing to whichever area as required.

Managing the mixing and routing of each individual performance area are a new range of premium designed hardware control panels and external I/O units with intelligent labelling and visual feedback, that work in conjunction with the 4REA4 processing engine and control software.