DiGiCo - SD7 Quantum

When DiGiCo built SD7, we never thought anyone would fill the console. However, due to the constant rise in production values, and audiences demanding more and more from their favourite artists, tours are now regularly pushing multiple SD7s to maximum capacity. Shows are way bigger than they used to be and as a result, engineers need a lot more outputs, signals, and channels.  

To address this issue, we have developed Quantum, a newer and smarter engine which offers so much more to users on so many levels, and allows engineers to upgrade into new generation technology with no learning curve whatsoever. In creating Quantum, we wanted to guarantee that our customer base could maintain a return on their historical investment by providing them an affordable engine upgrade for their existing work surface. 

We needed to make the next major technological step forward, into generation seven FPGA technology, and that's what Quantum has done. It will make shows easier to manage, with plenty of room for growth; it's a more flexible system, four generations newer in terms of capacity, therefore so much more can be done with it. Faster, more efficient, future-proof, and way more powerful.