Digigram - AUDIOWAY Bridge B1

The AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 is an intelligent gateway between MADI and AES/EBU digital audio streams and AES67/Dante™ synchronous audio-over-IP streams.

Forming the backbone of your infrastructure, the AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 is the ideal solution to distribute and interconnect your audio streams both in the studio and externally.

Thanks to the software supplied with the product, the BRIDGE B1 can be used to route as well as monitor all inputs/outputs in every format (MADI – AES/EBU – AES67/Dante™).

As a complete single-box system  it not only bridges audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams and legacy signals, but also ensures clock synchronization between the two systems.

AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 allows you to route and monitor low latency audio whatever the technology/protocol. It brings a seamless studio management with AVS-monitor, Dante™ Controller and multiple presets. It reduces the cost and complexity of AoIP integration into your studio infrastructure.

The AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 features 64/64 Dante™/AES67 full-duplex I/O channels, and is equipped with both 64/64 MADI I/O and 16/16 AES/EBU I/O digital audio interfaces, as well as a low latency hardware routing matrix between all inputs and all outputs..

AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 is very simple to use thanks to its control application which provides complete configuration and monitoring of all the streams operated by the equipment.