EAW - Anna

Anna™ is the newest introduction to EAW’s flagship line of Adaptive™ Systems, providing all the benefits of Adaptive performance in a high-output mid-sized enclosure. Weighing just 135 lbs. (61 kg), the extraordinary output-to-weight ratio makes Anna exceptionally versatile, with applications ranging from small clubs and houses of worship to large arenas and touring productions. Anna’s 100° horizontal dispersion further extends the capabilities of Adaptive Systems; columns of Anna can be flown as mains or mixed with columns of Anya™ within the same array for even greater coverage possibilities. Like all Adaptive Systems, Anna is controlled via Resolution™ 2 software over the Dante™ network and utilizes the same standardized power and data infrastructure.

Anna modules hang straight, without any vertical splay, and Resolution™ 2 software adapts total system performance to produce custom-tailored coverage that delivers coherent, full-frequency range response across the entire coverage area as defined by the user. It is extremely powerful and immensely scalable, making it suitable for anything from small clubs and theaters, to larger houses of worship and arenas. By carefully crafting the size and spacing of the transducers, Anna is able to create radical coverage patterns (i.e., narrowly focused and directed almost straight down) while providing outstanding fidelity within the coverage area and broadband rejection everywhere else.

Each Anna module includes 8x 1-in exit / 35mm voice coil HF compression drivers loaded on a proprietary HF horn that expands to fill nearly the entire face of the enclosure. 4x 5-in MF cone transducers, arranged in two columns of two, use Radial Phase Plugs™ and Concentric Summation Array™ technology to enter the horn and sum coherently with the HF wave front. Dual high-power 10-in LF cone transducers use Offset Aperture™ loading to increase the spacing of the apparent acoustical centers, extending effective horizontal pattern control well into the
LF range.

The module’s horizontal symmetry ensures coherent summation without anomalies through the crossover regions that result from physically offset acoustic sources. This provides consistent, HF dispersion and broadband pattern control in the horizontal plane.

Each Anna module includes a field-replaceable Power Plant with 14 channels of digital signal processing and amplification to drive each of the module’s 14 transducers independently, with all parameters determined by Resolution™ software to provide optimal coverage based to every listening position.