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Equipson – DD2

DANTE interface with 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

Equipson – DD4

DD4 devices are gateways used to convert DANTE (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet – developed by AUDINATE) protocol. These devices allow the extraction of analog audio signals from the DANTETM network as well as the introduction of analog channels within the same network.

DD4 is a device designed for use in installation, for which the analog inputs and […]

Equipson – MIX U24

MIX U24 is a complete 20-channel digital mixing system in a compact, rack-sized unit. 20 mix channels with 4 aux sends, 4 subgroups, or 8 aux sends. The new MIX U24 has a processor which executes all the digital processing of the audio signals (32 bit with floating point) allowing programming functions such as copying and loading of parameters or the use of internal plugins such as noise gates, compressor / limiter, phase inversion, delay and even blocking functions.