Eris Audio - ERIS ONE

ERIS ONE is a Dante audio interface which provides the user with a high performance, low latency and uncompressed digital audio networking. The equipment offered standard multipurpose I/O commonly used in the professional audio environment. Eris Ons is versatility, scalable architecture and high-performances it can be fully used in the most demanding recording studios, live music, audiovisual installations and broadcast environments.

It is designed to be used quite independently, all the ERIS ONE functionality is accessible through an easy and intuitive interface or operated remotely. As a system, it offers the user scalability to adapt its necessities through IOX extensions, allowing to increase I/O capacity in a modular way.

The internal and external elements are placed to achieve the peak heat dissipation without the need for forced ventilation. This characteristic gives the longest possible life and most reliable machine. In addition to this, it makes it less vulnerable to dust contaminants and humidity conditions..
The compound audio processor that according to its application lets the user choose and upload the wanted audio effects. All this leads to an efficient, strong and adaptive system.
The conversion system possesses programmable oscillators which enable us to provide our users the highest accuracy and digitally conversion quality in each sample without having to rely on temperature settings.
The ERIS ONE front panel, is fully machined as a single piece of aluminum. Silicone backlit buttons, the metallic controls and the chassis in a U position confers a robust and long life-span equipment.