Evertz - 9821EMR-AG-HUB

The 9821EMR-AG-HUB is a 1RU platform that is optimized for operation in 10GbE and 25GbE IP SDVN environments, supporting SMPTE ST 302M, AES67*, TDM, MADI and DANTE (up to 512x512 channels of Dante). With TDM connections it can externally support AA, AES, EQX embedded audio, HYDRA2 and ALINK.

The 9821EMR-AG-HUB provides a gateway to link IP infrastructures with discrete audio IO directly and by using any of the existing Evertz TDM enabled Audio interfaces. It has a number of functional use cases including translating between AoIP standards including SMPTE ST 302M, AES67* and Dante, for audio bridging between devices supporting SMPTE ST 302M or AES67* to a common core IP audio format. AES67 to AES67 for profile grooming*. Bulk audio connection between audio systems such as connecting multiple mobile broadcast vehicles that are using EMR audio router modules.