Extron - DMP 128 Plus C AT

The DMP 128 Plus C AT is the next generation of Digital Matrix Processor featuring Extron ProDSP™ 64-bit floating point technology. The DMP 128 Plus C AT is a 12x8 audio processor with AEC, up to 4 channels of digital audio input and output via USB, up to 8 audio file players, an ACP bus for audio control panels, and configurable macros. It has Dante audio networking technology with connectivity for up to 48 digital audio inputs and 24 digital audio outputs, with a mix matrix capability of 84x44. Dedicated DSP is available for each input and output, including gain, filtering, dynamics, automixing, virtual returns, and expansion capabilities to another DMP 128 unit or an Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K scaling presentation matrix switcher.