Fairlight - MSX 3000

IBC 2016 technology showcase product

The MSX 3000 delivers Fairlight’s renowned sound quality for the converged consoles. Its modular design, incorporating cutting edge FPGA technology, delivers a customisable and very cost effective audio I/O solution.

Based in a 3RU 19” frame, the MSX 3000 offers up to 21 slots that can be used for a range of different MSX I/O modules. The built in router engine features a 1400 x 1400 matrix with one-to-many patching support, allowing for any routing configuration to be defined.

With a wide range of MSX modules available, I/O systems can be tailored exactly to your application.

The primary connection to the Fairlight Live Audio Processor is via optical MADI. Multiple MADI cards can be accommodated for high-density racks and for very large configurations, multiple MSX 3000 frames can be deployed.