Fohhn - DI-4.1000

The new DI-Series digital amplifiers have been developed and manufactured in house by Fohhn in Germany. At every stage of development, new intelligent technologies have been implemented. The DSP-controlled amplifiers perform at the highest level and guarantee maximum operational reliability, highest power density and excellent sound.

Since 2002, Fohhn has been developing extremely high quality, reliable digital electronics that have been consistently incorporated into the company’s own product lines. The DI-Series amplifiers represent 15 years of know-how in digital electronics, with a great many customer wishes brought to fruition as a result.

Developed for mobile sound reinforcement applications and fixed installations, the amplifiers offer all the essential features plus virtually unlimited connectivity with regard to audio signal inputs. Even if you opt right now for an AES/EBU, Dante™, Optocore or Analog option, you are not permanently committed: The optional input interfaces can be changed, as required, customizing your amplifier to suit the relevant digital or analogue network.

Extensive DSP input and output processing enables you to intelligently adapt your loudspeaker systems to the particular sound reinforcement situation and room acoustic. All DSP functions can be controlled in real time using FOHHN AUDIO SOFT.

The DI-4.1000 has an output power of 1000 W / 4 ohms per channel, four input- and four output channels. It has a compact 2U / 19“ enclosure and weighs just 9.4 kg. The amplifier works extremely quietly and its fans are not used while idling. 


  • developed for mobile applications and fixed installations
  • network compatible, remote control, remote monitoring
  • extensive DSP input and output processing
  • input options: AES/EBU (terminal block or XLR), Dante™, Optocore or Analog
  • output options: terminal block or Speakon connectors
  • microprocessor-controlled universal power supply, 100-240 V AC, with Power Correction Factor (PFC) and sensory functions for mains voltage, power consumption and temperature
  • Auto Power Save for fan-free idling, temperature-controlled fans
  • two configurable switching contacts, one fault contact
  • performance presets for all relevant Fohhn loudspeakers
  • up to 10 seconds peak power