Fohhn - Linea Focus DLI-230 DAN

The Linea Focus DLI-230 DAN is a high performance line source system, which can be electronically controlled and monitored. The system is equipped with 16 state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers and DSP technology specially developed for this area of application, plus 16 coated 4” long excursion drivers. This perfect balance of amplifier-, digital signal processor- and loudspeaker technology enables a maximum SPL of 130 dB to be achieved. The DLI-230 DAN comes with a digital input interface for DANTE.

The loudspeaker’s vertical beam dispersion characteristics can be intuitively controlled – in real time – using FOHHN AUDIO SOFT: The vertical beam width, ranging from 0° to 90°, and vertical inclination angle, ranging from -40° to +40°, can both be adjusted in precise 0.1° increments. This means that unwanted reflections from floors and ceilings can be avoided. The result: optimum levels of speech intelligibility, a pleasing sound image and excellent sound quality – even in the most challenging acoustic conditions.