Ghielmetti - GMS 3132 Dante

The GMS 3132 Dante is a professional monitoring system for Dante networked audio systems. With the GMS 3132 Dante all channels in the Dante network can be accessed. Dante Controller software is not necessarily needed. A pre-selection of up to 64 channels are displayed in various metering modes on two 2.2" TFT color displays with 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Three display modes are available showing 16, 32 or 64 channels on two displays. In configuration mode an info display shows all parameters of the meter set up at a glance. Several parameters can be set for each channel like mono/stereo, clip indicator level or minimum level displayed. The channel label allows up to 32 characters.


  • Live monitoring of 64 DanteTM pre-selected channels
  • Channel selector with display
  • Access to all channels in Dante TM network
  • Indication modes: peak fast, peak only, level only, peak+level
  • Signal and clip indication
  • High performance built-in loudspeakers
  • High performance headphone out
  • Primary and Secondary DanteTM network connection