I/O Interfaces

Glensound – GSi-DARK88


The Glensound GSI-DARK88, when used with the Inferno, creates a self contained, network audio commentary system. Utilizing Dante’s multi channel, digital media network technology creates compatibility with hundreds of systems from other manufacturers

Inferno Link Options
Links between the Inferno and GSI-DARK88 can be:

  – Single network cable
    Also provides Power Over Ethernet to Inferno. 100m range.

  – Twin network cables
    A redundant network cable connection for extra resiliance. 100m range.

  – Fibre via the SFP slot
    An SFP slot provides options for single or multi mode SFP modules, allowing a range over many kilometres.

Audio Inputs & Outputs
All audio input and output connections are presented on full size XLR connections. There are 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

Use As An Audio Snake
Two GSI-DARK88s can be linked either directly or as part of a Dante network and used as an 8 input 8 output digital audio snake.

Provide Power Over Ethernet To Inferno
The Inferno commentator box can be powered directly from the GSI-DARK88 via the Ethernet link using PoE.

Multi channel, digital media network technology, offering compatibility with hundreds of systems from other manufacturers

More Details:http://www.glensound.co.uk/product-details/gsi-dark88