Glensound - VITA BB PLUS , with Dante AV Networking by Audinate

Commentary Systems

Glensound – VITA BB PLUS


The Vita BB Plus is a simple to use but high quality announcers unit for one announcer. A neat remote control App is provided to enable real time control by an engineer or technician.

The VITA BB PLUS is a very powerful Dante network audio interface, in a traditional desktop style. It has a mic/line input and headphone monitoring connection for a single user, and contains two 4 wire circuits. One of these is typically used as an on air channel, and the other as a talkback channel

The high quality microphone input, with the Glensound Referee compressor, makes the Vita BB Plus suitable for on air commentary use, perfect for a small OB or in an off-tube booth.

The flexibility of the talk button configurations, means that the Vita BB Plus can also be used as a talkback unit as part of a Dante network.

The Vita BB Plus can connect to any Dante network, or to other audio equipment via Glensound’s own Dante interface units.

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