Haitian Electronic - DCN-6600

With latest technology, our HTDZ digital conference system is managed to integrate discussion, voting, simultaneous interpreting (SI), registering, video tracking and software management together, so it could be installed on varied conference rooms, from the smallest up to the very largest ones.

The conference system is composed by a DCN-6600 unit and two kinds of microphones, including one for representatives and one for chairman. Both these two kinds of microphones have built-in speaker and directional cardioid microphone with light ring, allowing excellent audio sensitivity and wide frequency response. Meanwhile, since the routing for the system is quite easy, a fast and correct installation could be guaranteed.

As many as 64 microphones could be installed on our conference system. The conference system has four independent lines, each of them allowing an installation of 30 microphones.

When installing HT-08EX, 60 microphones could be installed on the system (six network interfaces). And as many as 30 microphones are allowed to be installed on a single interface.