Products from Hugel, Powered by Dante

Hugel – GPIO

With the GPIO module (GPM) GPIO signals can be attached to a Dante network. In potential free configuration 4 in and out can be used, in refrerence to a common potential up to 8 GPI / GPO’s are available. The module is PoE powered (13W).

Hugel – HSM

The headset module (HSM) enables an attachment of a stereo headset into a Dante network. Either dynamic or electret microphones can be used. The headphone power level can be individually adjusted for left and right channel. With a power boost switch an additional gain of 9dB can be set for noisy environments. The module is […]

Hugel – PRU

The PRU basically serves as a audio router with up to 4 interfaces with 64 channels each in a 19″/1RU case. Every single input can be routed to one or many outputs using the EmBER+ interface. For each of the 4 interfaces the protocol can be chosen to be either Dante (Audinate’s Brooklyn II) or […]

Hugel – PSP-D

The PSP-D is a desktop subscriber panel. Besides the RGB illuminated rotary switches, the PSP-D is also equipped with dual GbE PoE powered network connectors, an internal speaker, a stereo headset interface and a 48V phantom powered microphone input. With their HiQ audio interfaces the PSP-D can also be used for voice-over or as a […]

Hugel – PSP-R

The PSP-R is a rack-mountable (19″/2RU) variant and the biggest user interface in the PicaPi series. Equipped with two wide-angle TFT touch displays it is possible to do intercom calls and using apps at the same time. The internal wideband speaker is powerful enough to be heard also in a noisy environment. The PSP-R offers […]

Hugel – PSP-T

The PSP-T is the smallest subscriber panel of the PicaPi series. With its low profile of 32mm it can easily built into a table plate. It gets powered over Ethernet (PoE / 13W) and is equipped with internal microphone and speaker.