Inter-M - DSA-500Q

The DSA-500Q is a high-power 4-channel professional amplifier that can deliver high performance in environments such as school auditoriums, music rooms, government offices, cultural centers, and religious facilities that require high-quality sound.


High quality CLASS-D 4CH Professional Amplifier

DSA-500Q is a High Performance Class-D Power Amplifier using SMPS power and can reproduce high-quality audio in various environments such as auditorium and performance hall.

4CH Dante™ Digital Audio Input

You can input 4CH Dante™ digital audio through the network port and 4CH analog audio inputs.

Built-in DSP

Parametric 8 band EQ, crossover filtear using HPF and LPF,delay, attack / release adjustable limiter.

Easy control of equipment through front panel with OLED and PC GUI

Using OLED and operation switches installed on the front, and DSA-500Q dedicated software, various parameters can be adjusted.

Easy one-touch front dust filter cleaning

It is possible to remove the front dust filter easily by separating the ventilator on the front of the equipment by one-touch method.

Simultaneous control of multiple amplifiers via PC GUI

The PC GUI allows intuitive manipulation of various functions of the DSP, and simultaneous control of multiple amplifiers through IP registration of the equipments.

Up to 340 ms delay time adjustable

When configuring a system with multiple speakers, you can adjust the Delay function to control the audio transmission time up to 340 msec for clear sound.

Frequency band adjustment using HPF and LPF

You can use the Butterworth / Bassel / Linkwithz-Riley filter to adjust the frequency band required for your speakers.