Kingray - MAP0808-DT

MAP0808-DT, is a highly cost-effective professional DSP digital audio conferencing processor which based on 4 in 4 out audio interface of Dante. It is designed to provide the most suitable sound source processing and on-site control for the mainstream market. The processor has eight analog input and eight analog output, based on the ADI 300 MIPS processing rate of DSP chip, meet the daily processing functions.

  • 48K24bit sample rate
  • 8 in 8 out
  • Support TCP/IP protocol
  • Automatic mixing
  • Input section 31 PEQ, noise gete, feedback suppression, delay
  • Out section 10 PEQ, compressors,limiter, latency, high and low frequency reduction to common denominator
  • Equilibrium parameter can choose PEQ/LSLV/HSLV/ALL/PASS filter
  • Output high and low pass filter can choose 6-48 db/Oct