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Klang – KLANG:fabrik

Combining the fastest convolution algorithms and our 3D audio technology, KLANG:fabrik makes interactive 3D personal in-ear monitoring sound for musicians possible. It connects to your professional mixing desks via optional Dante™ modules with max. 64 input channels. Up to 8 musicians plug in their in-ear transmitters via pairs of balanced XLR connectors. The personal in-ear […]

Klang – KLANG:quelle

KLANG:quelle is a 4 output Dante™ headphone amp that integrates 2 devices in 1 – the combination of a valuable Dante™ enabled digital-analog converter and the professional 4-channel headphone amp. 

Klang – KLANG:quelle 19″

KLANG:quelle 19″ is a Dante enabled 8 channel XLR line level breakout box with additional 4 stereo reference headphone outputs. It integrates 2 devices in 1. 

Klang – KLANG:vier

KLANG:vier supports individual 3D in-ear mixes for 4 musicians. You can plug in your 1/4” headphone jacks during rehearsal or use the DB-25 break-out interfaces for your radio transmitters on stage.