Klang - KLANG:fabrik

Combining the fastest convolution algorithms and our 3D audio technology, KLANG:fabrik makes interactive 3D personal in-ear monitoring sound for musicians possible. It connects to your professional mixing desks via optional Dante™ modules with max. 64 input channels. Up to 8 musicians plug in their in-ear transmitters via pairs of balanced XLR connectors. The personal in-ear mix is remotely controlled via Ethernet or simply on its 5 inch touch display. The KLANG:vektor motion tracking units interact with the personal 3D sound via WiFi/Ethernet. Two optional analog zero-latency input channels can be mixed individually to each of the 16 analog outputs. KLANG:fabrik offers redundant power supplies.

Case Studies

Two of Sun Valley Community Church's five campuses in Gilbert, Arizona recently underwent extensive audio system upgrades to better serve their 8,000 regular attendees and the performers on stage. These upgrades hinged on the KLANG:fabrik audio-mixing system, which integrated seamlessly with the DiGiCo SD8 and SD21 at either campuses and Dante as the common denomenator.