Klang - KLANG:fabrik , with Dante AV Networking by Audinate

Personal Mixing & Monitoring

Klang – KLANG:fabrik

Klang Technologies

Combining the fastest convolution algorithms and our 3D audio technology, KLANG:fabrik makes interactive 3D personal in-ear monitoring sound for musicians possible. It connects to your professional mixing desks via optional Dante™ modules with max. 64 input channels. Up to 8 musicians plug in their in-ear transmitters via pairs of balanced XLR connectors. The personal in-ear mix is remotely controlled via Ethernet or simply on its 5 inch touch display. The KLANG:vektor motion tracking units interact with the personal 3D sound via WiFi/Ethernet. Two optional analog zero-latency input channels can be mixed individually to each of the 16 analog outputs. KLANG:fabrik offers redundant power supplies.

More Details:http://www.klang.com/