Products from Klang Technologies, Powered by Dante

Klang – KLANG:fabrik

KLANG:fabrik is the core of KLANG’s immersive monitoring solution. It combines the latest and finest HD audio algorithms with a multitude of flexible audio interfaces as e.g. Dante™ in order to work with professional mixing desks and stage boxes of any kind. Up to 16 musicians receive their individual 3D mixes with one KLANG:fabrik. If […]

Klang – KLANG:kontroller

Being compatible with all KLANG Immersive In-Ear Mixing Processors, KLANG:kontroller is the first hardware controller with full control right at your fingertips. It delivers fast tactile user control of channels, groups and immersive mixing via an intuitive interface. The times of outdated name tags and dialling through all channels are over with 8 displays providing clear channel names and color coding.

Klang – KLANG:quelle

KLANG:quelle is a 4 output Dante™ headphone amp that integrates 2 devices in 1 – the combination of a valuable Dante™ enabled digital-analog converter and the professional 4-channel headphone amp. 

Klang – KLANG:quelle 19″

KLANG:quelle 19″ is a Dante enabled 8 channel XLR line level breakout box with additional 4 stereo reference headphone outputs. It integrates 2 devices in 1. 

Klang – KLANG:vier

KLANG:vier supports individual 3D in-ear mixes for 4 musicians. You can plug in your 1/4” headphone jacks during rehearsal or use the DB-25 break-out interfaces for your radio transmitters on stage. 

Klang – KLANG:vokal

KLANG:vokal is designed specifically to match the feature set of KLANG:kontroller but can also work as a stand alone immersive processor. Based on KLANG’s powerful, new generation, ultra-low latency FPGA core, KLANG:vokal offers 12 mixes of 24 mono or stereo inputs at 48kHz and 96kHz, including the revolutionary Root-Intensity EQs.

KLANG:technologies – KLANG:konductor

With maximum flexibility in mind, KLANG has created the KLANG:konductor, its most powerful and versatile immersive in-ear mixing processor to date, delivering connectivity that is ready for today and tomorrow.