Kling & Freitag - VIDA L , with Dante AV Networking by Audinate


Kling & Freitag – VIDA L

Kling & Freitag

The “VIDA L” model is a scalable, controllable and full-range-compatible line array system. VIDA stands for “Versatile Intelligent Digital Array”. Up to eight of these 1-metre modules can be connected to the integrated mechanics. Three different speaker paths are used in the VIDA L, which is equipped with 48 DSP channels and 48 class D power amps. 

The very high number of high-frequency drivers and their short mounting distance enable controlled and uniform coverage, even in the upper frequency band. This gives VIDA L a completely new quality in beam steering. The VIDA L module, which is equally suitable for mobile use and permanent installation, is protected by an opaque front grille. Optionally, the 3-way module can be extended with a cardioid module (VIDA C), which significantly improves performance in the low-frequency range and in rear attenuation. The signal feed can be analogue or digital via AES 3 and Dante, with the option of redundant cabling.

More Details:http://kling-freitag.biz/505.0.html