Products from Lake, Powered by Dante

Lab.gruppen – Lake LM26

The LM 26 provides a two input/six output analog configuration that is ideally suited for multi-way loudspeaker crossover, delay and EQ functions. The LM 26 also provides 4 × 8 AES3 digital I/O and 4 × 8 Dante networked I/O, all with comprehensive signal routing to provide Dante break-in / break-out and failover functionality.

Lab.gruppen – Lake LM44

The LM 44 is a powerful, full-featured digital audio system processor based on the highly acclaimed Lake Processing technology.

Lab.gruppen – Lake PLM10000Q

The two-input, four-output PLM 10000Q seamlessly integrates networked digital signal distribution, drive processing, power amplification, and load verification plus performance monitoring in a single hardware unit and unified software controller.

Lab.gruppen – Lake PLM20000Q

Powered Loudspeaker Management (PLM) has revolutionized live event audio with its seamless fusion of renowned Lake® processing with an amplifier platform based on the power density, sonic purity, and proven reliability of Lab.gruppen’s flagship FP+ Series.
The latest addition to the PLM Series is the two-input/four-output PLM 20000Q, producing prodigious power output of 5000 W […]